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Top 10 Wedding Trends in Indianapolis for 2024

November 21, 2023

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Top 10 Wedding Trends in Indianapolis for 2024
Top 10 Wedding Trends in Indianapolis for 2024
Top 10 Wedding Trends in Indianapolis for 2024

What can we expect in the world of weddings in 2024? As the leading wedding and event design house in Indianapolis, First Class Designs is excited to unveil the most anticipated wedding trends for 2024. In this exclusive guide, we’ll explore the perfect fusion of modern sophistication, expert knowledge, and ways to incorporate these trends into your own wedding.

1. Modern Venue Transformations

wedding receptino with candles, outdoor setting in a castle-like courtyard

Image is sourced from Pinterest

This isn’t your grandma’s church basement wedding. Couples are taking their venues to new heights. From stunning floral features, expert draping techniques, custom design installations, and total guest immersive experiences, we are seeing a complete transformation of the space so each wedding is unique. 

2. Floral Artistry Beyond Expectations

Image by Aubrey Lynn Photography

Expand your floral vision in 2024. Experience the use of unique blooms, captivating color palettes, and breathtaking arrangements that define the signature touch of First Class Designs. From jaw dropping installations to delicate floral centerpieces, flowers can add to the story of your wedding.

3. Personalized Luxury Experiences

Image by Adam and Becca Photo & Video

We are seeing the rise of personalized and intimate wedding experiences tailored to the unique vision of each couple. This can include smaller, more intimate ceremonies, interactive activities for guests such as live portrait painters, and themed weekend events surrounding the wedding itself. 

4. Sustainable Wedding Practices

Image by Adam and Becca Photo & Video

Join the movement toward eco-friendly weddings in Indianapolis. Use stationery that can be planted or composted, rent your linens, work with florists who use sustainable practices, and make plans with your caterer to cut down on food waste. 

5. Tech-Infused Celebrations

Image is sourced from Pinterest

New apps are being created every minute. Increase your guest experience by giving them all the details of the day at their fingertips – including where they are sitting, what their meal is, and any necessary timeline moments. Immerse yourself in the integration of technology into wedding ceremonies and receptions. 

6. Statement Wedding Attire

Image by Adam and Becca Photo & Video

Fashion trends are always evolving. Think bold patterns and colors – for suits and for wedding dresses.  Well see the unique styles, color choices, and accessories that align with the shifting trends of the day.

7. Fusion of Cultural Influences

Image by Adam and Becca Photo & Video

Celebrate the beauty of diverse cultural influences integrated into weddings. More than ever we are seeing couples of different backgrounds bring aspects of both cultures into their celebration. Work with your caterer on a blended menu. Think about using different color palettes in florals and decor from ceremony to reception to tell a story. Embrace the notion that your wedding is a blend of you and your fiance. 

8. Artistic Wedding Invitations and Stationery

Image by Adam and Becca Photo & Video

Stationery artists are pushing the boundaries of what we expect from wedding invitations. While traditional and formal wording still has its place, we are seeing a large shift to quirky or even vulgar language to reflect the couple and the type of celebration they intend on having. We also are seeing couples send invitation boxes filled with gifts and sensory experiences for their guests.

9. Elevated Culinary Experiences

Image by Adam and Becca Photo & Video

We are all so tired of the chicken and beef dishes at weddings. Challenge your beliefs of what wedding meals can be. Think about what foods you actually enjoy eating. Breakfast buffets, interactive pasta stations, and elegant multi course meals can wow your guests and provide that solid base for them to drink responsibly. 

10. Signature Wedding Cocktails and Beverage Experiences

Image by Adam and Becca Photo & Video

The signature cocktail is not leaving us anytime soon. Again, weddings are more and more about personalization. Espresso martini towers, his and hers cocktails, dog cocktails, and mocktails all add a personal touch and element of fun. 

What is your favorite trend? Will you be working any of these trends in to your wedding? 

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Our team of seasoned planners, creative florists, and innovative designers are the heart behind your dream wedding.

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