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At First Class Designs, mastery defines us. We deliver bespoke wedding experiences with unparalleled expertise. Your vision is our blueprint; crafting it with precision is our craft. Let's redefine the modern wedding.

Where Dreams Unfold Into Exquisite Reality

We owe the ease and magic of our wedding day to First Class designs. They went above and beyond, allowing us to sit back and be guests at our own wedding.


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Embark on your wedding planning journey with confidence. Our 90 Minute Power Planning Session is designed to demystify the process and set you on a path of excitement, not stress.

Sit down with our team in our downtown Indianapolis office, and let us guide you towards the right wedding for you while answering any questions you may have about the wedding planning process.

Receive a custom planning checklist, budget insights, a floral consultation, and more—all tailored to your unique celebration.

With First Class Designs, every detail is considered, ensuring your planning is as joyful as your big day.

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With years of design expertise, First Class Designs stands as the architect of Indiana's most memorable weddings. Our dedication to custom designs and meticulous planning ensures your day is nothing short of perfect. 

Our team of seasoned planners, creative florists, and innovative designers are the heart behind your dream wedding.

Our team of seasoned planners, creative florists, and innovative designers are the heart behind your dream wedding.

crafting memories with unmatched expertise

First Class Designs

Indiana's leading event design house

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Our design & installation transforms spaces into art. Intentional lighting, layout, and decor create environments that embody your vision and amaze guests.

Design & Installations

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Our bespoke floral services bring color, fragrance, and vibrancy to your event, creating an atmosphere that's as unique as it is beautiful.

bespoke Floral

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Our planning service is the heartbeat of your event's success. We expertly handle timelines, vendors, and more, offering tailored options for every need.

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Dive into our portfolio of past celebrations, each a testament to our passion for creating the extraordinary.

A Glimpse into the First Class Experience

we bring your vision to life through daring design

The team at first class designs is the epitome of class

They are the most patient, supportive, and detail oriented team that I have ever met. They designed all of our stationery, signage, and décor for our day and it was truly more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.

They took away the stress of set up/tear down and logistics, and this was the biggest blessing because I got to focus on just our friends, special moments with family, and our marriage. I cannot recommend First Class Designs enough.

Jordan | FCD Bride